Lecture 7 - Virtual Trading: Your New Best Friend (Video Class)

Lecture 7 - Virtual Trading: Your New Best Friend (Video Class)

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No Bull Investing: Investing 101 for Financial Freedom:

Lecture #7 - Virtual Trading: Your New Best Friend.mp4

Now that we’ve discussed the steps necessary to open a brokerage account, it’s now time we discuss actually preparing ourselves for making our first investment and/or trade. There’s a high probability that you may have some apprehension about committing any money to this still seemingly foreign subject of investing and/or trading. Your fears are definitely warranted. Committing real capital at this point is definitely premature and would likely end in a loss more often than not. Why do I say that? Well that’s because we’ve haven’t actually talked about or performed any of the quote on quote mechanics of actually placing a trade through a discount broker’s platform be it investing in stocks, bonds, or any other investment type that we previously talked about.

So the purpose of this lecture is to explain how you can practice making various trades in different asset classes and hopefully start to understand the process without committing any money by using a feature called “virtual trading” which will simulate market conditions and the actual trading/investing process online all while using “virtual dollars” as your risk capital.

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