Lecture 6 - Choosing the Correct Brokerage Firm (Audio Only)

Lecture 6 - Choosing the Correct Brokerage Firm (Audio Only)

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No Bull Investing: Investing 101 for Financial Freedom:

Lecture #6 - Choosing the Correct Brokerage Firm.mp3

Now that we have a basic grasp on what the concepts of trading and investing are especially in the context of stocks, it’s now time to understand how we actually go about either investing or trading using our own money or properly stated, our own risk capital.

Also considering that we now have a good foundation on the main types of investments at our disposal, we need to take the next step which would be choosing and opening a brokerage account. Having your money i.e. risk capital deposited into a brokerage account will allow you to make investments and trades on your own or with the assistance of a broker in many of the various investment types we’ve talked about earlier.

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