Lecture 16 - The Art of Forex Trading and Investing (Video Class)

Lecture 16 - The Art of Forex Trading and Investing (Video Class)

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No Bull Investing: Investing 101 for Financial Freedom:

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Welcome back, in this lecture we’ll be discussing the world’s most traded market.  Foreign Exchange or most commonly known today as Forex has an estimated global turnover of $5.3 trillion dollars per day! The need for governments, banks, and global corporations to exchange currencies is the primary reason why the forex market is the largest, most liquid financial market in the world. Yet despite these impressive statistics, very few individual traders participate successfully in this market.

The high leverage involved with Forex Trading combined with the sometimes rapid pace of a decentralized marketplace often drives most investors to many of the other asset classes we’ve discussed in this course so far. However, the purpose of this lecture will be to hopefully paint a clearer picture of this unique investment category to help you better decide if Forex trading is the right investment strategy for your portfolio.


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