Lecture 15 - Solving the Mystery of Futures Trading (Audio Only)

Lecture 15 - Solving the Mystery of Futures Trading (Audio Only)

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No Bull Investing: Investing 101 for Financial Freedom:

Lecture #15 - Solving the Mystery of Futures Trading.mp3

Hello again, in this lecture we’ll once again be focusing on another rather fascinating part of the derivatives market which are futures. Standing today as one of the oldest & most actively traded markets in the world, surprisingly, futures trading still seems to be an obscure subject for most traders & investors not directly tied to the profession in some capacity.

As outright standard futures contracts trading may be too capital intensive for the average investor just beginning their educational journey on this subject, we’ll be focusing on using something called e-mini and e-micro future contracts which were introduced in the late 90s with the goal of these instruments making it much more affordable for individual investors and traders to enter this market for the first time.

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