Lecture 14 - Understanding the Keys to Equity Options (Audio Only)

Lecture 14 - Understanding the Keys to Equity Options (Audio Only)

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Lecture #14 - Understanding the Keys to Equity Options.mp3

Hello again, in today’s lecture we’re going to talk about one of the most versatile investment vehicles in existence today. Equity options allows the traders and investors who truly understand them the ability to profit in almost any situation regarding the stock it is related to. However, if you remember options are at the top of the risk-reward pyramid. Given the often misunderstood volatile nature and risk involved with options, most investors tend to steer clear of this very unique investment.

Now the purpose of this lecture isn’t to make to you a professional options trader in just a few minutes but hopefully give you a firm basis on why you need to understand how options work, how you can potentially profit substantially from them, and finally how to properly weigh the risk associated using this investment type.

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