Lecture 11 - A Journey Into Exchange Traded Funds (Video Class)

Lecture 11 - A Journey Into Exchange Traded Funds (Video Class)

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No Bull Investing: Investing 101 for Financial Freedom:

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Welcome back, in the last lecture we discussed buying shares of the company Apple’s stock in our example. Now many out there just may be thinking in regards to that example, wow Apple was expensive at approximately $108 just for one share. This may even be the reason why many of you haven’t considered stocks in the past due to the high variations in cost associated with being able to buy just one share of many of the great companies you know of let alone the many shares needed in order to start building a significant stake in a balanced investment portfolio.

Well in this lecture, we’re going to discuss how the average cost-conscious investor/trader can actually start accumulating shares in some of their favorite companies despite the high cost by investing in fractional shares using some very innovative platforms and methods.

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